The Munsters

The Camp, Not Cringe Edit

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It may be that some of us just weren't ready for Rob Zombie's modernized, colorized, widescreen depiction of the Munsters.

It's true that the show's monochrome look was simply a product the technological limitations of its era; had the Munsters not been cancelled in 1966 it would've been converted to color just like Gilligan's Island. But to many, the gothic overtones are a fundamental aspect of the Munsters aesthetic. To me, this movie just feels right in grayscale.

Inside Rob Zombie's film is slightly shorter, more nostalgic film where Lily doesn't shoot lightning bolts from her finger tips, where Count Orlock isn't a techno DJ, & where Wolf Man doesn't "make it rain." This is the film I set out to find with this recut... the one that would feel at home on an early '60s tv screen. Perhaps you've been looking for this version, too.

The Camp, Not Cringe Edit is 16 minutes shorter, black & white, & 4:3 aspect ratio. It retains the main story but cuts out a few detours. It's not intended to replace the original film, however. And if you download this this version of the movie, I would implore you to also pick up a copy of the original on blu-ray so that the cast & crew gets paid & the studio understands that there's a market for this type of content.

"Don't let time or space detain 'ya, here you go to Transylvania!"